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Small Business Web Design

Starting a new business is an exciting moment in the life of any entrepreneur. In today's digital world often the first touchpoint with your potential customers is likely to be your business website. We specialize in making websites for the small and medium-sized businesses that convey their unique identity in a clutter-free way. “How are our web design services different”, you may ask. We are not a big web design agency with 50+ employees that struggle to meet demand and produce rushed designs that are not up to par. At any given time we have 2-3 employees at most and we prioritize every single need and requirement our customers may have. We work with you to create exactly the website you want and we will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with our work. Start your project now. Use our contact form and send us your idea.
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WooCommerce Web Design

So you’ve got a product line that you want to sell online, but you lack the technical know-how to build your own eCommerce webshop or perhaps you have the technical knowledge but your plate is too full and you just can't afford the time. Newday Software is a web design agency with experience in building eCommerce webshops using WordPress and WooCommerce. We work closely with our customers to create a webshop that satisfies all of their needs and requirements. Our goal is to create a webshop that is a pleasure to work with both for you and your customers. If you are an established eCommerce business and your webstore is long overdue for a design overhaul, we can help with that too. Use our contact form and start your project today.
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   PrestaShop Web Design

If you are not a fan of WordPress and WooCommerce, we got you covered! As a web design agency we have extensive experience with PrestaShop and we can create a custom theme for your business that is a pleasure to work with both for you and your website visitors. Not looking for a complete new theme? We can also modify any existing PrestaShop installation to implement any changes or features you want. As a web design agency we strive to show your unique identity though our design and highlight the features that sets you apart from the competition. What you will get is a modern website that follows the latest web design trends of 2020. However, we can also implement any style you want. You just have to let us know what it is that you want and we can build it for you. Use our contact form and start your project today!
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eCommerce Technical  Support and Maintenance

If you are an established eCommerce business and you are looking for a company that can add new products every month to your webshop or someone who can perform upgrades and ensure all the latest security patches have been applied, then this option is for you. Newday Software has years of experience with both WooCommerce and PrestaShop. We can help you with the mundane tasks such as adding new products as well as more technical tasks such as making changes to your site layout or functionality to installing and configuring new modules. Use our contact form and send in your project today! We usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting

Would you invite a hundred people to live in the same house as you? No, of course you wouldn’t! So why would you put your website on a shared hosting plan that has hundreds of tenants? This not only presents a security risk but also big companies quite often oversell their servers to keep costs down. This means that your website will load slower as the server struggles to divide its resources among all the tenants. It is the equivalent of stuffing ten or fifteen people in a car that is made for five. The loading time of your website is also one of the factors that Google considers when evaluating your placement in their search results which makes hosting your website on a fast server all the more important.

Newday Software offers managed virtual private servers as a service. This means that your website gets its own virtual server that is 100% yours. You will not share it with anyone else. We will do the setup, configuration and we will upload your website’s files and database. We will also handle all the technical know-how including installing the latest server updates and security patches. This service is only available to our web design customers and under the sole discretion of Newday Software. If you are interested, contact us through our contact form for more information.
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